Date: Jun 7, 2024

Location: India, Any Where In India, IN

Company: Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Roles and Responsibilities 01

  • Formulated  policies, managed daily operations, and plan for the use of materials and human resources. 
  • Building an execution team and motivating them to achieve targeted Goal. 
  • Managing onsite construction activities to ensure completion of project within the time & cost parameters and effective resource utilization to maximize the output. 
  • Interface and coordinate with Engineers and multiple Subcontractors to ensure synergy at all levels. Accountable for the smooth and efficient management of all daily site operations, ensuring consistent adherence to all health & safety regulations. 
  • Implement both short and long-term strategies and project plans to enable the creation of flexible, efficient, and scalable construction operations - prioritize monitoring of construction activities as per design & drawing, and construction materials quality as per the project plan. 
  • Liaison with design team to made required changes in design for easy construction sequence and design follow up as per plan. 
  • Controlling the project cost within the budget and monitoring of the cash flow- cost control. Sending project progress report to management. 
  • Overall coordination with Geotechnical, Design, Procurement, Tunnel, MEP & Construction department. 
  • Oversee all aspects of management of contractors and establish processes to control the delivery of the work. 
  • Provide on-site management and quality control to ensure projects meet time and budget requirements and is built in accordance with the contract documents. 
  • Provide updates / adjustments to project plan as necessary to ensure successful completion of the project within the specified budgetary guidelines and quality standards. 
  • Adopting and preparing micro programming to achieve daily, weekly and monthly targets. 
  • Reviewing daily, weekly and monthly planning based on actual progress at site and introducing mitigation measures in case of shortfall/backlogs. 

Roles and Responsibilities 02

Deliver projects meeting or exceeding budget expectationsProject Monitoring : 

  • Ensuring availability of resources (Manpower, Material and Equipment), coordinating with Project Manager and respective Head OfficeO department for the same and its optimum utilization to minimize fixed cost.
  • Providing inputs for ongoing revision of the project work plan depending on overall strategy / local contingencies.
  • Identifying and realize opportunities to for increase in turnover and identifying variations / claims to maximize contractual entitlements and minimize contractual damages and providing inputs to Project Manager and Contracts Team


Roles and Responsibilities 03

Building and sustaining harmonious relationships with external entitiesBuild and sustain harmonious relationships with external entities :

  • Ensuring regular interactions and cordial relations with clients.
  • Regular and effective Sub-contractor management and development.
  • Supporting Subcontractor / Piece Rate Workmen (PRW) development programs and welfare measures. 
  • Maintaining cordial relations with local community and its representatives.

Roles and Responsibilities 04

Safety Management :

  • Ensuring that safety is a top priority and striving to ensure zero incidents / accidents.
  • Providing leadership in safety management by ensuring the adherence to safety goals, policies, guidelines, processes, and any new implementation by AFCONS management / authorities / client / customer.
  • Regularly reviewing safety performance and taking corrective action when necessary.
  • Monitoring safety workshops, safety drills, and safety awareness programs to increase safety awareness among the project team.
  • Developing a safety culture within the project team and encouraging all team members to take responsibility for safety.
  • Ensuring that all safety equipment are in place and used properly.

Roles and Responsibilities 05

Employee Engagement : 

  • Emphasis on Afcons Culture of achieving enhancement in terms of Project Management, Operational Excellence, and Continuous Leadership Development with increased level of engagement that would lead to vibrant AFCONS enabling to be a Learning Organization, with Collaboration, Creativity, Innovation, Employee Wellness, Motivation and Commitment as its Pillars.
  • Emphasis on Grooming, Mentoring, and providing timely assistance to subordinates for enhancing their performance through Role Clarity and addressing employee grievances.
  • Providing inputs and support as a part of succession planning for critical roles and implementing Employee Engagement Initiatives at Project Sites.

Roles and Responsibilities 06

Developing Personal Skills and Competencies / Engaging self with Superiors and Subordinates for Career Development Plan :

  • Undertaking proactive measures for Self-development and Subordinate Development.
  • Ensuring Role Clarity, Targets, Key Result Areas (KRAs) are set and discussed with Superiors and Subordinates.
  • Striving for excelling Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities on the given job roles for completions of assigned tasks.
  • Ensuring open communication with superiors and subordinates for work related and personal grievances.
  • Expansion of technical skills through continuing education courses and outside seminars and webinars.
  • Identifying Leaning Need Areas and nominating self and subordinates for appropriate Training Programs.

Educational Background
Expression - Conversational Ability
Judgement & Maturity
Alertness & Enthusiasm
General Appearance / Personality
Job Knowledge / Experience

Key Objective of the Job Position

To execute contractual milestones at the site within the targeted time keeping safety, health, environmental and quality parameters within norms specified, in the interests of the client and AFCONS.

Education Qualifications

Educational Essential:    Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering. 
Educational Desirable:  Master’s Degree in Civil engineering.

Computer Software Proficiency

MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point

Experience Range

Minimum 15 to 20 years of experience in projects involving Construction Management for Underground Station work with around 10 years’ experience as Station Manager for Underground Metro Project.

Work Environment

Work in all climatic conditions, at heights and underground works. Need to split their time between working in office and outdoor at construction sites to monitor operations or solve problems. May need to work extra hours to ensure that the projects meet their deadlines. May need to travel to work sites at domestic or overseas location. Maintain a high-level safety standard at work site. Maintain a high level of social contact. Have good knack for work-life balance. Deal & convince all types of people (including labour to Project Manager, other Team Members, Labour, Subcontractor and Clients).