Date: May 27, 2024

Location: India, Any Where In India, IN

Company: Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Afcons Infrastructure Limited is an Indian multinational construction and engineering company based in Mumbai. The company provides infrastructure services and is involved in the construction of infrastructure projects such as viaducts, flyovers, metros, bridges, pipelines, roads, ports, barrages, oil and gas projects etc

Roles and Responsibilities 01

Identification of bid opportunities 

Identifying the opportunities from vast data source of e-tendering websites and subscribed websites and information tools like projects monitor and tenders’ details.

Roles and Responsibilities 02

Initial Study: (Prequalification Bidding)

  • Preparing Bid Synopsis / Appreciation Note, studying Scope of Work, and checking for Qualification Criteria.
  • Prequalification (PQ) Management as single entity or with Joint Venture partner (if any).
  • Compiling Prequalification Bid documents, queries, interdepartmental follow-up, and client correspondence etc.
  • Submission of Prequalification Bid and compliances during evaluation process.
  • Getting Detailed Project Report (DPR) for qualified project and studying the Project Scope, Technical Specification, and other requirements.
  • Checking of BOQ provided by consultant vs scope of work, in case of EPC Projects.

Roles and Responsibilities 03

Initial Study:(Price Bidding)

  • Studying the Tender Documents, Scope of Work, Technical Specifications.
  • Studying Detailed Project Report (DPR), Abstract Estimate, Feasibility Report, Consultant’s Report, Soil Data, Draft Tender Documents and Draft Pre-qualification criteria collected from various government authorities / clients / consultants for domestic and international.
  • Studying Techno-commercial conditions, Scope of Work, Specification, Instruction to Bidders (ITB), General Condition of Contracts (GCC), Special Condition of Contracts (SCC), Bill of Quantities (BOQ), drawings etc.
  • Formulation of Prequalification criteria as per company’s credentials, financials and convincing the client for the same to limit competition in bidding.

Roles and Responsibilities 04

Proposal Appreciation Note

Preparing Proposal Appreciation / Summary note which includes prequalification status, competitors, project details, location, scope of work, major quantity items with techno-commercial terms such as funding arrangements, mobilization advance, retention money, payment schedule, security deposit, earnest money deposit (EMD), mobilization advance, retention, liquidated damages, penalty, milestones, completion period, defect liability period, liquidated damages (LD) clause, price variation, seigniorage charges, excise duty exemption, royalty, various direct & indirect taxes, special conditions of contract, operations and maintenance (O&M) contract conditions, statutory clearances land acquisition status, forest land acquisition status, litigation & arbitration factors, standard bid documents (SBD), analyzing risk factors, preparing management reports with comments & suggestions on qualification, technical / financial issues and feasibility for projects. 

Roles and Responsibilities 05

SWOT Analysis & Risk Assessment
Preparing risk assessment sheet due to force majeure reasons, conditions of contract, location of the project funding arrangement, design aspects and mitigation plans including feasibility of project for finalizing the bid and no bid decisions. Carrying out SWOT analysis for the project and competitor analysis. 


Roles and Responsibilities 06

Prebid Queries

  • Preparing pre-bid queries with issues related to conditions of contract, project details, scope of work, design and engineering required for the project

Site Visit and Investigation

  • Visiting sites for bidding projects as and when required.
  • Frequent visit to Afcons ongoing project sites for better understanding of the project working / methods etc.

Roles and Responsibilities 07

Cost Estimation

  • Preparing bill of quantities (BOQs) with calculation of major quantities as per the drawings available with tender documents.
  • Relationship management with various Design Consultants, Suppliers, Manufactures etc.
  • Reviewing vendor database for various brought out items.
  • Preparing Rate Comparison, Rate Analysis, and negotiation with vendors / sub – contractors for arranging competitive quotes for brought out items required for project.
  • Estimating the numbers of major equipment required for the project with calculation of time cycles.
  • Planning and scheduling of key activities as per received bill of quantities (BOQ). 
  • Preparing construction program, methodology, cash flow statement, equipment deployment schedule and estimated labor force requirement for the project.
  • Preparing Top Sheet and understanding about the scope of work, major items, direct cost, indirect cost, preliminary cost etc.
  • Optimizing the cost as per management inputs for final price bidding.
  • Ensuring compliances during evaluation process
  • Attending post Bid discussions with client along with Estimation Head.
  • After project award, handing over the Tender documents, addendums, cost estimate details and other Tender data (if any) to Operations Team

Roles and Responsibilities 08

Estimation of Direct Cost/ Indirect Cost

  • Calculation of cost for material, manpower & equipment.
  • Estimating indirect cost for cost calculation, temporary installation, initial mobilization, tax, design fees, travelling charges, running cost, supervision cost, insurance, guarantee cost, preparation of risk register.

Site visit, Investigation and Pre-bid Queries

  • Conducting site survey and investigation before quoting tender.
  • Visiting site with engineers and Estimation Team to understand about project area, topography, materials lead and borrow area, alignment of project components and getting information on projects going on nearby, providing inputs (based on the site visit experience) while preparation presentation on project.
  • Preparation of Pre-bid points and attending pre-bid meeting
  • Making comparative statements of competitive bidder queries.
  • Preparing site visit report / presentations for briefing to the Management.




Roles and Responsibilities 09

Methods, MSP Sheet, and Comparative Statements

  • Preparing Microsoft Project (MSP) sheet for scheduling of work to be submitted for tendering.
  • Preparing construction methodology and working out technical details.
  • Preparing comparative statement for various items of work.

Roles and Responsibilities 10

Developing Personal Skills and Competencies / Engaging Self with Team Members, Superior for Career Development Path

  • Undertaking proactive measures for self-development.
  • Ensuring Role Clarity, Targets, KRA’s are set and discussed with immediate superior.
  • Striving for excelling Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities on the given job roles for completions of assigned tasks.
  • Ensuring open communication with superiors and other stakeholders for work / grievances.
  • Expansion of technical and commercial skills through continuing education courses, external seminars, webinars and self study.
  • Identifying learning need areas for self and nominate self for appropriate training programs.
  • Charting out the career development path in consultation with immediate superior

Educational Background
Expression - Conversational Ability
Judgement & Maturity
Alertness & Enthusiasm
General Appearance / Personality
Job Knowledge / Experience

Key Objective of the Job Position

  • Calculating and estimating the expected cost of a given project, forecasting  the time and price needed to complete the project.
  • Preparing initial cost estimates for the required supplies and services, creating pricing schedules, developing bid proposals, and assessing the technical aspects of the project.

Education Qualifications

Educational Essential: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering 
Educational Desirable: Master’s Degree in Civil engineering

Computer Software Proficiency

MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point, Primavera, MS Projects

Experience Range

Minimum 5 to 15 Years of experience in Tendering and Estimation of Marine & Industrial Projects including site experience.

Work Environment

Mostly working at Head Office and occasional visit to Project Sites. Closely working with Business Unit Head, Estimation Head, Project Controller, Finance, HR, CMEG, Design, CPE, and other departments, in carrying out the desired roles and responsibilities. 
May require working extended hours. Should be able to manage stress & turbulent situation.