Date: May 6, 2024

Location: India, Any Where In India, IN

Company: Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Afcons Infrastructure Limited is an Indian multinational construction and engineering company based in Mumbai. The company provides infrastructure services and is involved in the construction of infrastructure projects such as viaducts, flyovers, metros, bridges, pipelines, roads, ports, barrages, oil and gas projects etc.

Roles and Responsibilities 01

Development of Works Plan and Targets

  • Developing a comprehensive works plan that encompasses the entire project scope, including all deliverables, milestones, and deadlines.
  • Coordinating with the Project Manager and other stakeholders to ensure that the work plan is consistent with the Project’s goals, objectives, and timeline.
  • Developing a plan for Procurement and allocation of resources (Manpower, material and equipment) as per construction schedule in each work front.
  • Identifying and analyzing the project’s resource requirements, including material, manpower, equipment, and subcontractors, and developing a resource allocation plan to ensure that these resources are utilized effectively and efficiently.
  • Establishing performance metrics, milestones, and targets to measure progress against the work plan, and ensuring that these are communicated to the project team and other stakeholders.
  • Developing a detailed segmental methodology for each major activity, in consultation with the Head Office core methods & engineering group (CMEG), to ensure that each activity is completed in line with the contract methodology and quality standards.
  • Ensuring that Segmental Quality Plan (SQP) is developed and implemented in accordance with project requirements and industry best practices, and that all quality control procedures are adhered to throughout the project lifecycle.

Roles and Responsibilities 02

Construction Management

  • Foundation, Sub-structure Works, Embankment Works: Ability to lead the site execution team in the execution of well foundation works, well sinking, deployment of jack down method for well sinking, caisson foundations, correction of tilt and shift of wells, construction of sub-structures (Pier, pier caps), Having end to end responsibility over miscellaneous activities in earthwork formation, earth retaining structures, assistance to project team for smooth execution of works, construction of ROBs, RUBs, RORs, earthwork in embankment, slope protection works, soil replacement works, blanketing, obtain inputs regarding actual progress of works for all parameters viz., physical, financial, time wise and contract wise from all concerned departments.
  • Truss Superstructure Works: Competency to lead and guide superstructure team in fabrication and erection of superstructure truss, review of method statement of various fabrication activities, painting and erection of steel superstructure, review and preparation of time cycle of various activities in coordination with project planning team, end-to-end site management, manpower mobilization, contractor handling.
  • Balanced Cantilever Bridge: Ability to lead the Site Execution team in the construction of Well Foundations (Circular/Double-D), Well Sinking, construction of Pile Foundations, pre-stressing of box girders, erection of precast segmental box girders, segmental erection of decks on each side of pier, cast-in-place bridges, segment erection with ground cranes, floating cranes or deck-carried lifting frames, self-launching gantry erection, expertise in post-tensioning operations, mid-span closure operations.

Roles and Responsibilities 03

Construction Management contd..

  • Cable-Stayed Bridge: Lead and guide the Execution Team in the construction of Extradosed/Cable Stayed Bridge of multi span with one span length of at least 100 m, expertise in pre-stressing operations, assistance in the development of design and drawings and provide technical input as needed for pylon height, span length, choice of man span etc., skilled in budgeting, cost control and work program, able to guide project team in launching, erection of pre-stressed girders, stressing of stay cables, construction of pylons, construction of Cable Stayed Deck portion
  • Segment Bridge/Metro Projects: Lead and guide execution team in the execution and construction of rapid rail transit systems, construction projects involving pre-stressed segment casting and launching, proven track record of executing heavy infrastructure projects and metro works(Underground, elevated, on grade), expertise in construction of pile foundations, pre-stressing activities, managing activities of execution and able to guide the Section In-charge/Construction Manager in the Casting Yard Set-up, casting of superstructure segments, erection of segments, construction of stations, finishing works, MEP works, execution of Tunneling works(ETB Shield NATM, Box Pushing, NATM Tunneling), cross passage, ramps, box pushing involving excavation works, launching shaft, thrust bed, casting of box, progress monitoring, and material manpower planning to achieve the target, managing the project team and sub-contractors/vendors, associated electrical works in metro project, review of monthly program and forecasting, allocating resources to achieve the same.

Roles and Responsibilities 04

Construction Management contd..

  • Bridges: Able to monitor and guide Construction Manager, Section In-charges and other Project Team members in execution of Well sinking foundation, Open pile foundation. land based piling, pier, pier cap, box culverts and of pipe culverts, well cap, abutments, deck slab, box culvert & pipe culvert, cast- insitu- bored, river protection work, earthwork in embankment & pylon’s approach road, under pass, railway bridge, viaducts, cable stayed Bridge, extra dozed bridge, bridge using balanced cantilever, arch bridge, I girder bridge segment casting & segment launching for elevated metro, fabrication, erection & stressing of stay cables, arch, bridge
  • Update daily progress review and inform Project Controller on day-to-day progress

Execute project meeting budgets and ensuring adherence to quality norms, profit margins & client relations

  • Ensure overall delivery of works as per timelines, project specifications, procedures, and quality standards
  • Oversee timely allocation of resources as per requirements for works (Manpower, material and equipment)
  • Monitor physical progress of the works at various sections as per planned & budget and specifications
  • Ensure implementation and maintenance of IMS
  • Identify opportunities for application of good engineering practices/ innovative practices to enhance quality of delivery
  • Identify opportunities for increase in turnover/ Project margins with respect to works
  • Ensure excellent client relations, regular correspondence of contractual issues, identification of claims, time extension, variation, change order etc.
  • Completion of works within budgeted cost
  • Assist Quantity Survey department in the measurement of work completed timely billing and liaison for payment realization

Roles and Responsibilities 05

Oversee optimum resource utilization (Manpower, Material and Equipment)

  • Ensure optimum usage of equipment allocated
  • Oversee optimum usage of material as per construction schedule; Identify areas for waste reduction and implement measures to minimize wastage.
  • Ensure wastage of major materials within the norms by doing monthly reconciliation of major materials in coordination with stores, site, and QSS department.
  • Oversee activities of personnel for the works department; ensure availability of personnel by raising timely requisitions to the respective departments. Raise indent for materials well in advance and arrange to get with the coordination with stores.

Subcontractor Management

  • Regular and effective Sub-contractor management and development
  • Support SC/PRW development programs and welfare measures. Finalize well in advance PRW rates for works and obtain approval from HO through QSS department.
  • Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with local community representatives.
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with subcontractors, communicate expectations clearly, and ensure timely and quality performance

Roles and Responsibilities 06

Build and sustain harmonious relationships with external entities

  • Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with clients and client peer representatives
  • Regular and effective Sub-contractor management and development
  • Support SC/PRW Development programs and Welfare measures. Resolve issues related to PRW work bills if any raises during work in consultation with PM & PC.
  • Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with local community representatives

Risk Management

  • Identify and assess project risks and issues.
  • Develop and implement risk mitigation plans and strategies.
  • Monitor and track project risks and issues.
  • Communicate risks and issues to Project Manager, and suggest corrective actions

Value Engineering

Adopts value Engineering approach in project with the help of Project Manager by having detailed analysis of how best to meet the goals by eliminating unnecessary cost, providing the highest value at the lowest cost by promoting substitution of materials and methods, Capital, staffing, maintenance over the life of the project with less expensive alternatives, without sacrificing Quality and functionality by taking all the stake holders in confidence

Roles and Responsibilities 07

Project Acceleration

Adopts Project acceleration initiatives with the help of Project Manager and team member through increasing work hours, adding more resources at times and monitoring productivity per resource, reallocating resources From other Tasks, exercising reduction of resource in agile manner after the task ends, addressing inefficiencies in Project in terms of Manpower, Equipment and materials wastage

Safety Management

  • Monitor safety during execution of project adhering to the norms of the clients & HSE policy
  • Emphasis on zero tolerance regarding safety in execution
  • Emphasis on safety workshop, safety drills, safety awareness, regular toolbox talks etc.

Employee Engagement Lesson Learned, Seamless Communication, PMS, Subordinate Development Initiatives, Role Clarity, Recognition for exceptional performance, Enhancement of employee motivation & commitment, Grievance Redressal, contribution to Learning & Development, Succession Planning

  • Encouraging a culture of continuous learning and development, and documenting lessons learnt from the project on an ongoing basis.
  • Implementing a fair and transparent employee performance management system, including timely completion of Annual Performance Appraisals, identification of training needs, and recognition of exceptional performance.

Roles and Responsibilities 08

Employee Engagement Lesson Learned, Seamless Communication, PMS, Subordinate Development Initiatives, Role Clarity, Recognition for exceptional performance, Enhancement of employee motivation & commitment, Grievance Redressal, contribution to Learning & Development, Succession Planning contd..

  • Providing role clarity to subordinates and ensuring they have a clear understanding of their responsibilities as individuals and as a team to accomplish the work assigned.
  • Grooming, coaching, mentoring, and providing timely assistance to subordinates to enhance their performance and address any grievances they may have.
  • Providing inputs and support for succession planning of critical roles. Charting out employees future career path along with Project Controller and Business Unit Head.
  • Developing future leaders as a part of succession planning for critical roles and implementing employee engagement initiatives at the Project Sites, such as the team building initiatives, Innovation, motivation, and commitment, building effective teams.

Educational Background
Expression - Conversational Ability
Judgement & Maturity
Alertness & Enthusiasm
General Appearance / Personality
Job Knowledge / Experience

Key Objective of the Job Position

  • To execute the project as per budget, in accordance with the approved strategies, policies and procedures, quality, safety norms and revenue targets of AFCONS.
  • To control, monitor and direct the SICs and team members in execution of the project and achieving operational excellence in all spheres of project management

Education Qualifications

Educational Essential: Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering / Diploma in Civil Engineering

Educational Desirable: Master’s Degree in Civil engineering

Computer Software Proficiency

MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point

Experience Range

For Regular B.E./ B.Tech minimum 15 to 20 years of experience in projects involving elevated metro projects, bridge construction with at least 8 years of experience in elevated metro projects.

For Regular Diploma minimum 20 to 25 years of experience in projects involving elevated metro projects, bridge construction with at least 12 years of experience in elevated metro projects.

Work Environment

May have to work long hours, including evenings and weekends. Work in all climatic conditions. Working at outdoors at construction sites so that they can monitor operations and solve problems May need to work extra hours to ensure that the projects meet their deadlines. May need to travel to work sites at domestic or overseas location. Deal & convince all types of people including labour & clients. Maintain a high-level safety standard at work site as civil construction work is risk prone. Maintain a high level of social contact.