Date: May 9, 2024

Location: India, Any Where In India, IN

Company: Afcons Infrastructure Limited

Afcons Infrastructure Limited is an Indian multinational construction and engineering company based in Mumbai. The company provides infrastructure services and is involved in the construction of infrastructure projects such as viaducts, flyovers, metros, bridges, pipelines, roads, ports, barrages, oil and gas projects etc.

Roles and Responsibilities 01

Plan and Mobilize Project

  • Co-ordination with project Planning Teams for the development of comprehensive resource-based project execution plan, finalization of WBS and estimation of activity duration.
  • Co-ordination with project team for preparation of project work plan, cash flow, project budget as per baseline schedule.
  • Co-ordination with the sub-contractors for timely completion of works.
  • Verification of the bill of the subcontractors.
  • Monitoring of project progress against established baseline and updating status financially and physically.
  • Explore options to improve the project schedule, budget and optimize the project plan
  • Review the productivity on daily basis and plan for optimizing the productivity.
  • Monitoring of day-to-day activities at site and aid Site Engineers and Execution Team in ensuring the execution of work as per specifications and standards.
  • Identify risks, plan to minimize them and set priorities.
  • Liaisons with Government bodies for various compliances and approvals
  • Development of overall project plan and construction schedule
  • Establishment of project infrastructure as per contract/ work requirement
  • Budget, plan and construction schedule in line with contract base schedule
  • Initiate and identify team members for formation of core team at site
  • Initial mobilization of men, machinery as per contract/workplan
  • Oversee and ensure timely completion of site establishment and infrastructure for project operations as per schedule

Roles and Responsibilities 02

Plan and Mobilize Project contd..

  • Coordinate with client representative for handing over of work fronts to start the works as per base schedule, land acquisition and other consents for fulfilling statutory and contract requirements
  • Obtain mandatory licenses, approvals and clearances required for project establishment (Across functions) from State/Central Govt departments as applicable and as per contract provisions

Construction management of Casting Yard - Elevated Structures

  • Levelling and development of Casting Yard.
  • Executing the works for construction of Gantry Track lines.
  • Executing the works for construction of interlocked foundation for Pre-Tensioning I-Girders.
  • Execution the works of Shutter Assembling on the foundations.
  • Maintenance & study of approved drawings.
  • Preparing the Bar Bending Schedules and making it approval.
  • Suggesting and monitoring of reinforcement fixing work activities.
  • Threading of HT strands as per the requirements.
  • Executing the follow-up of shutter fixing activities.
  • Procurement of the required materials in advance.
  • Actively attending the meetings.
  • Checking of shuttering works as per the drawings.
  • Executing the Pre-Tensioning and Post-Tensioning activities.

Roles and Responsibilities 03

Construction management of Casting Yard - Elevated Structures contd..

  • Maintenance of records and schedules.
  • Monitoring and following the priority schedule.
  • Finishing, dressing and transportation of Precast Structures to site with safety precautions
  • Executing the operation works for the station segments moulds & segments
  • Execution of soffit arrangement as per the requirement and guidelines.
  • Changing of shutter elements as per the requirements of BCS segment.
  • Maintaining the colour codes for the different elements.
  • Executing the works of P.T profiling of the ducts.
  • Inserts placing, internal checking of reinforcement, form works, profiling works etc..,
  • Monitoring and making the arrangements for the concrete pour and casting of the segments.
  • Segment shutter mould foundations.
  • Mould assembling and erection works.
  • Pre-fabrication of reinforcement cages.
  • Preparation of mould from cage lowering and closing of mould for the concrete pour.
  • Profiling of transverse and longitudinal ducts.
  • Checking of reinforcement and shuttering works.
  • Planning for concrete pouring and casting of segments.
  • Executed the work of reinforcement fixing and shuttering works for construction of twin-girder slab.

Roles and Responsibilities 04

Deliver projects meeting or exceeding budget expectations

  • Ongoing monitoring of project progress, adherence to contract specifications, quality standards & ensure project profitability, cash flow and net remittance as per budget
  • Ensure availability of resources (Manpower, material and equipment), coordinate with project controller and respective HO department for the same and its optimum utilization to minimize fixed cost
  • Ongoing revision of the project work plan depending on overall strategy/local contingencies.  Notifying client on delays in execution of works, not attributable to us for obtaining EOT and cost claims with guidance of PC and HO contracts
  • Identify and realize opportunities for increase in turnover and identifying variations/claims to maximize contractual entitlements and minimize contractual damages
  • Management of cash flows and remittances to HO as per budget
  • Monitor direct costs of operations and to take timely action to reduce fixed cost as for as possible if works are not executed as per budget plan
  • Ensure to minimize wastage of major materials within the norms fixed in the budget by doing monthly reconciliation of materials

Roles and Responsibilities 05

Build and sustain harmonious relationships with external entities

  • Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with clients and client representatives. Review of contractual conditions involving FIDIC Conditions, opportunities for contractual claims, time extension, change order, variation and communicating HO contracts on contractual disputes and arbitration in case dispute are not resolved mutually.
  • Ensure regular interactions and development of key vendors
  • Ensure regular interactions and development of sub-contractors
  • Ensure regular interactions and cordial relations with local community representatives and implementation of CSR activities

Safety Management

  • Monitor safety during execution of project adhering to the norms of the clients & HSE policy to ensure zero incident/accident.
  • Emphasis on zero tolerance regarding safety in execution
  • Emphasis on safety workshop, safety drills, safety awareness

Demobilize project on completion

Coordinate with Head Office for project demobilization, ensuring completion of all closure activities

Roles and Responsibilities 06

Employee Engagement

  • Emphasis on organization learning and growth
  • Identifying opportunities for application of good engineering practices/ innovative practices to enhance quality of delivery
  • Monitoring the documentation of learnings from the project on an annual basis
  • Ensuring co-ordination between HO, project departments and all concerned individuals
  • Ensuring transparency in Employee Performance Management. Timely completion of fair Annual Performance Appraisals and submission. Timely recognition of exceptional performance. Provide Inputs for performance management and identification of training needs
  • Ensure adequate understanding of responsibilities of subordinates individually and collectively as a team to accomplish work assigned
  • Grooming of sub-ordinates, coaching, mentoring, and providing timely assistance to subordinates. Address grievances of subordinates
  • Inputs and support for succession planning for critical roles. Charting out employees future career path along with Project Manager and Business Unit Head and emphasis on developing future leaders as a part of succession planning for critical roles
  • Implement employee engagement initiatives for employees at project site like team building initiatives, innovation, motivation and commitment, building effective teams.
  • Emphasis on organization learning and growth
  • Identifying opportunities for application of good engineering practices/ innovative practices to enhance quality of delivery
  • Monitoring the documentation of learnings from the project on an annual basis
  • Ensuring co-ordination between HO, project departments and all concerned individuals

Key Objective of the Job Position

  • To execute the project as per budget, in accordance with approved strategies, policies and procedures, quality, safety norms and revenue targets of AFCONS.
  • To control, monitor and direct team members in execution of the project within given deadline, optimize utilization of resources, in accordance with approved budget thus achieving operational excellence in all spheres of project management.

Education Qualifications

Educational Essential:Diploma / Degree in Civil Engineering

Computer Software Proficiency

MS Excel, MS Word, Power Point

Experience Range

Minimum 15 to 22 years of experience in projects involving development and operation of casting yard of elevated structures with at least 10 years of experience as Casting Yard In-charge.

Work Environment

May have to work long hours, including evenings and weekends. Work in all climatic conditions. Working at outdoors at construction sites so that they can monitor operations and solve problems May need to work extra hours to ensure that the projects meet their deadlines. May need to travel to work sites at domestic or overseas location. Deal & convince all types of people including labour & clients. Maintain a high-level safety standard at work site as civil construction work is risk prone. Maintain a high level of social contact.